Frosh Week. Or How Universities Can Go Fuck Right Off.

Frosh Week is probably my least favourite week of all time.
It’s the most idiotic time of the year.
I don’t understand why so many young students fall for it, you don’t belong more because you participate, you will not fail your semester because you don’t participate, you are a fucking moron for participating though.
Every year, for a full week, downtown Toronto gets invaded by this uninspired bunch of cretins that gather illegally and take over different locations, act like monkeys on acid, scream like children whose Halloween candies have been thrown out after they come home with their loot, run around like young imbeciles as if their brand news Adidas were on fire…

I take solace in the fact that 25% of them will be going home in a few weeks anyway because they miss their mommies or can’t adapt to life in the big city… That thought is the only thing that gets me through that week… Luckily… as of now, it’s officially over for another year. Now all I have to deal with is the next couple of months of people shopping downtown in their pyjamas because apparently college students think that is an acceptable way of dressing in public.

I remember my Frosh Week… I refuse to participate. I thought it was stupid when I was 18 yrs and nothing has changed now that I’m nearing 50. We all had this half-wit shitty things listed for the week and I didn’t show up to any of them… apparently they took attendance as one afternoon, the day we were supposed to wear pyjamas in class, some “seniors” showed up in my I.T. class and started naming names, those like me who had not done anything with them all week. Those named were supposed to then humiliate themselves in front of the class by playing some simpleton games… I got up, gathered my books and started walking away. One bitch said: “Where are you going? You can’t leave!!!” And all I could say in return was: “Watch me”… And I left. I went home for the rest of the day. Now… maybe if more people did that, they would maybe think of stopping the mass annoyance they create and make new recruits believe that this false sense of belonging is normal.

Fuck You Toronto Universities and your fucking traditions.

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