Is Customer Service A Thing Of The Past?

I don’t know why I ask, I already know the answer… it’s all over this city…

Just yesterday, as we were getting snacks for our after dinner tv watching, we had put our drinks and chips on the conveyor belt at the NoFrills down the street and as the cashier started processing our items, she just threw the first bag of chips kind of hard after scanning it, and I just looked at her with my eyebrows in that manner that say “what the fuck gurl?” but just said: “Whoa, lady, don’t throw our things around like this!”. She never said anything back, but she was a bit more careful with the rest, which I was happy since I had a bottle of soft drink that I didn’t want to have 911 come to my home and open the bottle for me… And then, when she was all finished and I had paid, she did that thing that aggravates me the most… She slapped the receipt on the counter, even though I’m standing right in front of her… and started scanning items for the next customer in line…

The same thing happened recently when I was purchasing a couple of books and the cashier was busy paying attention to another employee, taking my money but talking with the other person, not minding our transaction. I gave her cash and she absentmindedly put my change and receipt on the counter, even though I was looking at her with my hand opened to receipt both change and receipt… I picked up the coins and receipt and told her how rude she was being, when she’s dealing with a customer, she should be paying attention to that customer and also, money and receipt should be given to the person purchasing, not slapped on the counter… I suggested she got herself some manners as I walked away… rude rude rude…

Then, last weekend, we went to BestBuy at Dundas and Bay, big flagship store for the downtown core, that week I had gotten an email about the newly released Crash Bandicoot racing game and felt like getting into it… As we were browsing, I found a shelf with a good dozen empty shell case for the game, knowing that when a game is newer, they keep them locked up at the front of the store. So we took the game to the cashier and as she looked at it, she said: “oh… I’m sorry, we’re completely sold out of those”… So I said: “you have a dozen shell cases on display, how can you be sold out?” She went: “Oh, we keep those there for people who want to buy them online. Would you like to buy it online?” I just rolled my eyes and headed for the door.

So, let me get this straight… I could go on my phone, order it online to be picked up at the store that I’m standing it right now and it will be ready for me in 20 – 30 min? No thanks…
This exact same scenario happened to me about 2 months back when headphones I wanted were on a 40% discount and could only be ordered online with the option of picking up at the store… Which means there were in the warehouse at the back of the store but the clerk was too preoccupied with whatever to just walk and get them for a paying customer… Because mine had completed fell apart after falling on the ground too many times, I really wanted those and played the game, took out my phone, ordered them online for pick up at the front of the store, and then shopped for about 15 min, got the email they were ready and picked them up on my way out…. Isn’t this the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard of? BESTBUY WHAT THE FUCK???

These are just recent interactions, but on the other hand, I always compliment people on their good customer service skills…

Next time, I’ll tell the story of why I have a sign at my desk saying: “PUT YOUR CELLPHONE DOWN, THIS IS A FUN OCCASION, ENJOY IT!”


  1. You are totally right.
    What drives me crazy is when you don’t need help because you are just browsing, they are breathing down your neck.
    When you need help, there is no one to be found or they are chatting with their coworkers, ignoring you, or turning their backs on you and leaving, knowing damn well you were coming to ask a question.

  2. Pisses me off, too. Usually I put it down to inexperience but lately I’ve been thinking it’s poor training on the owner/manager’s part as well. Granted, no matter how much you emphasize a desired behaviour, people are gonna do what people wanna do when the cat’s away (ahem.)

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