July 2014

While on vacation, my man came about this set of shark jaws and bought it for me. It’s been mounted on one of our wall since. I totally love looking at it and feeling the sharp teeth with my fingers…



Ugly City

SharkBoy interrupts the beauty of pictures for this tale which took place in Ugly City recently.

A few days ago, as I was walking to work, I noticed this lady coming towards me, her eyes focused on her cellphone’s screen. Now, I always walk to the right of the sidewalk, giving all the space possible to other people who might come the opposite way or want to pass me should they walk faster or even run. But this lady was not paying any attention to the rest of the world, she was stuck insider her own. As she came within a foot of me, I suddenly said something to make her aware she was about to run into me… and this is what happened:

Me: Hum! Look up Lady!
Her: Huh?

She looked up but still managed to bump into my left arm and then hit my bag right on her hip.

Her: Why don’t you look where you’re going?

I stopped to look at her with my eyes wide opened.

Me: ME? I was looking, that’s I warned you in the first place.
Her: Shut up faggot!

Without missing a beat, not without thinking, I lashed back:

Me: Why don’t you shut your sad divorced ugly fat face.

And by the surprised hurt look she gave me, I think I hit 100% on all points.


Every once in awhile, you stumble unto a treasure from the past. Just out of nowhere, in this small used bookstore, I saw this book that grabbed my attention right away and brought me back to grade 3, it was always my favourite to read when we had “book time” in our class. We had this shelf full of books for our class and I don’t know how many times I’ve gravitated to this one. I never owned it, I had certainly never read it in English until today. When I saw it there, I had no choice but to take it directly to the cashier and make it mine… And now it’s here, within my collection of other treasures from my childhood.



As intimidating as this slide is, you will be fine. The adrenaline rush will mask the burn sensation on your back and will make you forget your bathing suit became a thong – Blizzard Beach – 2009



A coloured variation on the last picture posted – Disney’s Pop Century – 2009

Resting inside the 0 of 1970 sign at Disney’s Pop Century – May 2009



Washing your hands is usually a good thing and a normally safe experience, except in this house!!




On a cloudy day, you can still see beautiful light in a glass house.