Every once in awhile, you stumble unto a treasure from the past. Just out of nowhere, in this small used bookstore, I saw this book that grabbed my attention right away and brought me back to grade 3, it was always my favourite to read when we had “book time” in our class. We had this shelf full of books for our class and I don’t know how many times I’ve gravitated to this one. I never owned it, I had certainly never read it in English until today. When I saw it there, I had no choice but to take it directly to the cashier and make it mine… And now it’s here, within my collection of other treasures from my childhood.



As intimidating as this slide is, you will be fine. The adrenaline rush will mask the burn sensation on your back and will make you forget your bathing suit became a thong – Blizzard Beach – 2009



A coloured variation on the last picture posted – Disney’s Pop Century – 2009

Resting inside the 0 of 1970 sign at Disney’s Pop Century – May 2009



Washing your hands is usually a good thing and a normally safe experience, except in this house!!




On a cloudy day, you can still see beautiful light in a glass house.

While having dinner at the Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom, Ted looked up and noticed that the babies all looked too real to just be random babies. He asked the waiter who confirmed that the Imagineers decided to paint their own babies on the ceiling of the restaurant… How awesome is that? This is a very small portion of it, and taken with a cellphone camera, there fore lack of quality… but still… When you go, make sure to look up.



Pride And Remembrance Run 2014


It’s my turn to be in this picture. I’m running in the Pride and Remembrance Run 2014 and I’m excited about it. I haven’t done a 5k or 10k since I was in my late teens, my knees can attest to that after training for the last month and a half.

I hope a lot of you will come by to cheer us on and also, if you are so inclined and would like to donate, you can click right here to do so. It will take you to my personal page and you can safely donate any amount you wish to. I, and the Pride And Remembrance Committee, thank you in advance. And to those who have already generously donated in my name, I thank you once again.

If you can’t donate but can give a leg massage to this old man after the race, well, that would be awesome too… haha.


To celebrate the return of the warm weather, I’m posting a week of flower pictures, starting with the flowers of May



Bunny Mommy and her chocolaty babies – Easter 2014
(Not sure which to devour first… Milk Chocolate? White Chocolate? Hazelnut Chocolate? Dark Chocolate?)



Walking around Disney’s Art Of Animation hotel, one can’t help but smile from ear to ear at the amazing themes and the way the recreated these animated flicks. – Disney’s ArtOf Animation, Cars section – December 2012



Just a regular birdy, singing his morning song on a fence post – Vermont 2013



Every time we sail into Nassau, I’m fascinated by this gorgeous lighthouse – Nassau 2012



Spring has finally arrived, let’s put this awful Winter behind us



Colours to make you dream about The Dream – Nassau Dec 2012



Can’t wait to get back on mine very soon. Summer 2014 is needed.



A day at Magic Kingdom is never really complete without the grand finale of the fireworks by Cinderella’s Castle



Mr Disney said: “Always be neat” and in this house, we listen.