August 2014

High above the ground, flying… Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…



Bright colours, food and fun right smack in the middle of the grey city



This week I will post some of the pictures I have taken during a short visit at the CNE Fairgrounds downtown Toronto. I will start with a duo of sand carvers and their incredible sculptures in progress:

I love how she is using a 12″ doll to get all the characteristics of C-3P0.

This fun bearded artist amazed me with all the small details around his fairly recognizable castle for all fans of Disneyland.



Sometimes luck is on your side. As we were taking pictures of the moon tonight, my camera mounted on a tripod and set with a timer, I was clicking away and then this plane flew perfectly in front of the moon… I squealed… I literally squealed.



We are lucky to live very close to the only farm downtown Toronto, and this picture was taken on a dark rainy day from inside one of the barns not so long ago… Last entry in the series In Need of Light



 Part 3 in my In Need Of Light series from the Riverdale Farm rainy day



This birdie can most likely see his way in the dark much better than I ever could… This is Part 2 of the series In Need Of Light



This week I am doing a series of pictures entitled: In Need Of Light. This is part 1.



troopersI think we have a Stormtrooper issue in our living room