You didn’t think it was going to be that easy to get rid or me, did you?
Silly rabbits.

Well, thank you hacker fuckers, you managed to caused me a lot of trouble. But then again, you also managed to make me see that the hosting company I was using, ExpressWeb Canada, which I have since renamed ExpressWhoops Canada, was a complete fucking-ridiculous-idiotic-waste-of-human-flesh-staffed office.

Ok, to be honest, they were hosting my site for free, since we once hung with a friend of a friend who originally owned the server before he was bought out by ExpressWhoops Canada, and even after the fact that he was bought, he continued to host this site for free… We asked and asked for invoices so we could pay for the services… but after 5 requests, what’s a boy to do???

Why I think they are useless? Well, my site was hacked, and the hacker fuckers used the newly created emails from my site to start spamming the world, at a rate of tens of thousands of emails… but no one told us that. What happened is one morning, I tried to visit my site and realized that it was down… more than down, it was suspended for overusage… Big head scratching moment for me since I had not been writing much in it lately… A quick email to them was left unanswered for a couple days, that was a normal thing for us to have to wait that long, so we didn’t panic… Then we get a response saying that the site was used to send tens of thousands of emails and were we responsible. We obviously denied that we were responsible and asked what we could do to get the site back… Request ignored… One week later, I sent another email to the support services and it was also ignored… At this point, I have been down for more than two weeks. Another week passes and I send another email… full on ignore… I decided I was going to do that every weekend until someone replied… So 3 weeks and 4 days later, I get an email telling me to accept or deny a comment on my blog… YEH… I’m back… I go in and delete the spam and notice that I’ve had 3 visitors in the last 2 days, so my site had been up but no one had told us… As soon as I told DeadRobot, he was so quick about the whole thing and went and did some interweb magic and backed up all the text files as a precaution. I then started thinking of all the posts I wanted to make and then bam… it’s down again… An email to support service to ask what is going on… this time I get this reply:

Hi Michel,
Your account was suspended a few weeks ago because there were tens and thousands of e-mails being sent out everyday from your account which is in violation of the free service that we have been providing. This has caused our IP address to become blacklisted and untrusted by 3rd party spam traps.
We un-suspended your account about 2 days ago but we once again saw that tens of thousands of e-mails were being sent out. Yesterday, there were 38,000+ e-mails alone. We have therefore had to suspend your account again.
Can you please let us know if these e-mails are intentional and can be stopped? If you do not recognize what these e-mails are, it is possible that your password has been compromised or you are using an insecure mail form on your site that is being used to relay messages.
Please let us know.

I replied saying that I wouldn’t know the first thing about doing something like that, that it was obvious we were hacked and asked what we could do to solve this problem once and for all.

Now, they are the host server. I think that if one of the sites that they host gets hacked, they should be able to do something about it. But I might be wrong… I mean, I honestly don’t really understand what goes on behind all of this… I was taught to use WordPress and that’s about all I can do…

Then, we realized that this was it, my site was completely gone… It was kapoot… it was history… I’ve lost 7 years of blogging, 7 years of memories, 7 years of rants… I’m sorry, but I’m fucking furious about it, it’s kind of killing me a little…

After a few days, I sort of made peace with it. DeadRobot was very supportive and helpful in getting in touch with a new host company outside this area, one we are paying for the service and one that seems a tons more secure.

So there. I’m back.

I might repost some of the videos I’ve worked on. I might repost some of the pictures I still have… but otherwise, it’s a brand new Sharkboy chapter that I’m starting… And yes, there will be more rants…

And yes, chances are I already hate it will continue to fuel the blog…


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